NASEF Summer Splash

Join us for a fun stream on July 31st for NASEF's Summer Splash!

We'll be playing Fortnite Prop hunt, Team Fight Tactics, Overwatch and more -- Join us and bring your friends!

Mixed teams and non-NASEF students

Want to join but can't form a team without your core squad?

For this event, students can form teams with members of other schools or community clubs, and even invite students who aren't in NASEF!

The only rule is that everyone on your team has to be a current high school student.

NASEF Community Maps

Want to show off your custom Fortnite map or Overwatch Workshop lobby? Students can submit their custom maps for this event! We'll be rotating student-made maps throughout the stream.
Submit your custom map by clicking the button below.

Map Submission Form

Prize Packs

For this event, students (or teams) who have the highest standings for each game or custom map played at the end of the stream will receive a Prize Pack! Check out the pictures below to see what our Prize Packs might hold!

Fortnite Prize Pack
TeamFight Tactics Prize Pack
Overwatch Prize Pack

Interested? Sign up NOW!

Use the button below to sign-up for the NASEF Summer Splash event! You may sign-up as a team or as an individual player. Registration closes on Saturday, July 27 at 11:59PM PT.