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UCI Esports Conference 2019

The University of California, Irvine is excited to announce the second annual Esports Conference (ESC 2019) to be held on October 10-11, 2019 on the sunny Southern California UCI campus.

Esports appeal to millions worldwide and have observable social, political, and economic impacts. This influence presents unique opportunities for academia and industry to examine a variety of topics. Research on esports continues to grow in both volume and complexity while the industry continues to refine itself as both a profession and a cultural force. Following the success of an esports summit in 2016, the 2018 Esports Research Conference was the first conference of its kind to focus on esports research and practice inclusive of both academics and industry professionals. Created to provide a space for esports researchers and industry leaders to come together to present research, discuss topics relevant to future work, celebrate collaboration in the growing field, and build bridges between the many communities that make up the field of esports.

As a campus, UCI offers a great deal of support for the community of video game players that come together here to play and compete. Multiple student clubs, research labs, and UCI’s esports arena all provide places for passionate players to hone their skills, meet like-minded players, and develop the community growing around them. In this game-friendly environment, UCI has paved the way to understand what these growing communities look like, how they influence the people and spaces that constitute them, and how they are projected to hold a place in society in the future.

ESC aims to bring the communities and people of this growing phenomenon together for the benefit of all.

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