Playoffs Format

There are multiple format possibilities depending on the number of teams from the Scholastic Tournament opting to continue to compete in the Play-In Playoffs:

  • Round Robin - Teams will be divided into different groups based on their regional brackets. 
  • Towers of Doom - A single-elimination bracket that places higher seeded teams deeper into the bracket, and lower seeded teams earlier into the bracket. Lower seeded teams need to win multiple matches in order to advance, whereas higher seeded teams need to win less number of matches to advance. A visual example can be found on the Scholastic Playoffs page.
  • Single Elimination Bracket - A standard single-elimination bracket.

We'll send out emails and Discord announcements as soon as the format and schedule are finalized!

Example Schedule

Round 1: Nov 18 - 20
Default Match Time: Wednesday, November 20, 3:30PM.

Round 2: Nov 21 - 23
Default Match Time: Thursday, November 21 at 3:30PM

Round 3: Dec 2 - 4
Default Match Time: Wednesday, December 4 at 3:30PM

Round 4: Dec 5 - 7
Default Match Time: Thursday, December 5 at 3:30PM.

Round 5: Dec 9 - 12
Default Match Time: Wednesday, December 11 at 3:30PM

All playoff matches are to be played in a Best-of-5 format. 

Keep in mind that some rounds may start the day right after the previous match.

Roster Locking

Rosters will lock for the entire duration of playoffs and finals.

This means the last time you can make changes to your roster will be Nov 8 - 15, the week before playoffs begin.

If your team advances to the Online Finals event, you must field the same roster you submitted for playoffs.

Make sure to keep this in mind!


The Top 8 from from West(B), West(A), and Top 4 from ET and CT brackets will advance to playoffs! From Nov 9-10, we will be determining the teams that will advance to playoffs. If tiebreaker matches are needed, teams will be notified ASAP during this weekend.

Addition of Scholastic Teams

Teams in the Scholastic Tournament will be presented an option to continue competing in the Play-In Playoffs if they don't qualify for the Scholastic Playoffs. This means the Community Play-In Playoffs will feature teams from both tournaments.

Determining Tiebreakers

Battlefy uses the following categories to determine overwall standings for the regular season brackets:
Wins, Ties, Losses, Opponent win percentage and Win percentage

If teams are tied across all categories for the final spot in playoffs, the team that had their first loss later in the tournament will get the spot.

If teams are still tied at that point (i.e. both teams lost the same week), a tiebreaker match will happen during the week of tiebreakers (Nov 12 - 16).

Online Finals Event

The number 1 team at the end of each playoffs phase will advance to the Top 4 Community Play-In Online Finals Event on Saturday, December 14.