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Esports Scholastic Instructional Coach

The Esports Scholastic Instructional Coach is a critical lever in providing teachers with access to the esports curriculum while also improving student achievement. The role of the Instructional Coach is to build educator capacity and their understanding of instructional practices as integrated with esports. An Instructional Coach is a learner who models continuous improvement, lifelong learning, and goes above and beyond to ensure student success.

The Instructional Coach will work collaboratively with members of the NASEF  Learning Committee as well as the NASEF Scholastic Fellows involved in the piloting of esports curriculum. The Instructional Coach will promote reflection, provide guidance and structure where needed, and focus on strengths, collaboration and common issues of concern. They are responsible for ensuring high-quality instruction in classrooms through modeling, co-planning, co-teaching and providing feedback to teachers. The Instructional Coach will demonstrate and model a passion for innovative education reform and leadership. This is NOT a supervisory position and DOES NOT include evaluation of colleagues.

  • Model lessons in classrooms on a periodic basis.
  • Support the instructional development of all teachers in understanding the esports curriculum and club activities and associated learning goals.
  • Build strong relationships with teachers, administrators, and NASEF.
  • Provide direction and coordination for how the curriculum is taught consistent with current initiatives and recognized best instructional practices.
  • Assist teachers in understanding NASEF mission and core values.
  • Provide technical support to collaborative teams of teachers.
  • Assist teachers with resources, materials, tools, information, etc. to support classroom instruction and planning, including new resources.
  • Assist teachers with planning and pacing of lessons, the development of differentiated lessons, and the selection of best practices to meet the needs of their students.
  • Support teachers by helping with the ―strategic how of teaching -- share multiple instructional strategies/processes with teachers during planning times.
  • Informally observe (non-evaluative) lessons and provide feedback for a teacher’s professional growth and students’ success.
  • Develop staff members’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors through a variety of professional development targeted topics and designs.
  • Develop coaching plans for teachers to ensure student improvement.
  • Utilize Adult Learning Theory to motivate adult learners to improve professional practice.
  • Contribute to the development systems and structures to improve teacher practice within schools.
  • Provide job-embedded informal professional learning beyond the coaching responsibility.
  • Submit a weekly coaching log and any pertinent data requests/coaching documentation.
  •  Attend summer training sessions.
  • Certified in any specific teaching area
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience teaching, with a record of successfully impacting student achievement and working successfully with students who have the greatest needs.
  • Proven ability to work cooperatively and effectively with colleagues, including the ability to create and nurture a professional community of adult learners.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and strong interpersonal skills, including giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Demonstrated Teacher Leadership.
  • Strong pedagogical knowledge and content expertise.
  • Demonstrated expertise in oral and written communication.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Models continual improvement, demonstrates lifelong learning, and applies new learning to help all students achieve.
  • Demonstrates evidence of professional growth, including leadership and participation in a wide range of significant professional development activities.
  • Improve student and teacher performance in the use of esports embedded in learning. 
  • Increase in Professional Learning opportunities and participation of staff across the district.
  • Change in teaching practices to include integrated curriculum options.

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Scholastic Fellows

NASEF is excited to launch an exciting new program for educators across North America. The NASEF Scholastic Fellow Program provides lesson plans, a professional learning community, a stipend and instructional coaching for passionate educators who want to bring esports + learning into their classrooms and afterschool programs. 

NASEF hears from many educators interested in developing curriculum, but they are uncertain where to start. This program is designed to support educators in the development and implementation of lessons plans by equipping them with an community and instructional coach! If you are a middle school or high school educator, we hope you apply and join our professional learning community. 

Interested in applying?

For more information, please visit our Scholastic Fellows page