Season 1 Coaching

In Season 1, we were happy to partner with Connected Camps to provide virtual coaches to thirty new high school teams. Coaches supported players and general managers by providing:

  • Expertise in League of Legends
  • Mentorship for high school players covering topics in game play and esports
  • Support in communications and planning sessions

Beyond coaching...

Connected Camps coaches offered optional weekly Discord sessions in topics including League of Legends positions, match analysis, game statistics, and streaming. 


The impact that Coach KC has had on our team is priceless. Coach KC has so much knowledge about the game and experience with coaching that he changed the way our team played the game, which ultimately allowed us to win games more cleanly. He gave our team a structure and he recognized the strengths and weaknesses of our team the first day we practiced together...

Season 2 Coaching

In Season 2, we are continuing our partnership with Connected Camp in multiple game titles and across the state of California! If you're interested in acting as a coach, please visit our League Season 2 page to submit the interest form! 

All coaches should:

  • Like working with young people. Have a positive attitude towards working in work in a partnership with the GMs and other stakeholders.
  • Have a positive attitude for conflict management and resolution.
  • Like presenting, leading discussions, listening, and asking questions.
  • Be organized, able to work independently and remotely, keep a punctual schedule.
  • Have excellent verbal and communication skills.
  • Be comfortable in voice and video chat.

Interested in Becoming a Coach?

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Coach KC prepping Valencia High School during Champion Select during the 2018 OCHSEL finals.

Coach Ryan supporting his team just before their match begins at the 2018 OCHSEL Round of 16.