Coaching at No Charge

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation offers free coaching through a partnership with Connected Camps, a nonprofit organization providing connected learning experiences that foster creativity, problem solving, collaboration and interest-driven learning among youth. Connected Camps will provide virtual coaching support for up to 120 teams. The coaches all have professional level expertise in esports, experience working with youth, and will be either be a student currently enrolled in college or a recent graduate.

Coaches will connect virtually with their assigned teams several times a week and will work collaboratively with a Club’s General Manager to create a training program that emphasizes teamwork, communication, sportsmanship, conflict resolution, and strategy. They will use their experience as expert esports players to help players improve their game play, orient them to the rules and expectations of tournament play, and serve as informal STEM mentors. Connected Camps will also offer weekly virtual clinics that members of any Club can attend, focused on a range of esports topics, from shoutcasting, to statistics, to improving play. Through a combination of online mentorship and skills support, coaches will work to ensure that teams feel well supported, informed, and prepared for league participation.

Specifically, coaches will:

  • Assist Faculty Advisors in the training of players and Club members.
  • Manage a scrimmage schedule.
  • Understand all league rules and regulations, and assure compliance and consistency among scholar athletes.
  • Provide an effective training regiment for the players.
  • Support players in creating and tracking individual and team goals.
  • Provide high quality feedback and mentorship.
  • Develop a sustainable culture of constructive reflection practice.
  • Support players in dealing with conflict in a positive and constructive way.

Coaches either hold degrees or are currently studying at universities like UC Irvine, Texas Tech, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and Cegep de Saint-Hyacinthe in Canada. Their areas of study include computer game science, nursing, mathematics, economics, and digital media. Connected Camps runs background checks as part of their hiring and selection process. Please note that the Coaches will be fluent in English and in most cases will communicate in English with their Club members.


Meet our Coaches

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Coach KC prepping Valencia High School during Champion Select during the 2018 OCHSEL finals.
The impact that Coach KC has had on our team is priceless. Coach KC has so much knowledge about the game and experience with coaching that he changed the way our team played the game, which ultimately allowed us to win games more cleanly. He gave our team a structure and he recognized the strengths and weaknesses of our team the first day we practiced together...

Coach Ryan supporting his team just before their match begins at the 2018 OCHSEL Round of 16.

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