Course Overview

This course is a college preparatory 11th grade English course integrated with the Marketing sector of the Career Technical Education (CTE) that enables students to understand esports marketing with a focus on the English language, written and oral communication, and the mechanics of writing. While building on these skills, students will focus on the what, who, how, and why of esports: What is the gaming industry? Who is involved in the industry? How do industry professionals manage and market it? Why is the industry worth pursuing, and why does it present challenges for those in it?

Students will gain the foundational knowledge of marketing in esports through the framework of English in order to enhance students’ critical thinking, writing, reading, analysis, and communication skills. Students will begin with narrative and explanatory writing, building to argumentation and research. In this course, students will analyze a complex set of ideas, evaluate the effectiveness of the structure of an argument, and analyze how an author’s style contributes to the effectiveness of their text. This course also supports integrated STEM learning and principles with its need for students to develop, refine, and test a conceptual model for effective marketing using systems thinking, cause and effect thinking, and the collection and analysis of relevant data. Moreover, the course effectively uses educational technology throughout to enable students to collaborate, critically think, and communicate their thinking.