Course Overview

The Saga of the Tournament: Event Crafting and 12th Grade English is a college preparatory English course integrated with the Career Technical Education (CTE) Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Pathway. Students will learn and apply CTE Hospitality skills through conducting a real Esports tournament while building real-world reading, writing, language, and speaking skills that will prepare them for college and career. Students will learn the communication, writing, and vocabulary skills essential to planning, managing, and executing an esports tournament. During this course students will engage in activities designed to impart the necessary competence in and understanding of the videogame industry, event planning sequence, and valuable collaborative mindset to achieve success in these industries. Through this course, students will get hands on, real life, career ready practice with skills that will allow them to see how a passion and academic application can translate into a career as well as life-long, productive learning. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate ELA competencies such as evaluating speaker’s point of view, reasoning, writing and use of evidence, presenting information, using digital media, and adapting speech appropriately for each audience.

This course also supports integrated STEM learning and principles with its in-depth exploration of the esports tournament as a complex system. In exploring the tournament system, students will develop a model by describing the various components, assuming the duties of a specific component, and becoming intimately familiar with how the various components interact with one another. To facilitate their systems exploration, students effectively use educational technology to collaborate and communicate with one another and diverse audiences. Educators interested in exploring the relevant STEM principles embedded within this course are encouraged to refer to the resources section of this course for more information.