Introducing the Beyond the Game Challenges

Do you like graphic design, photography, or video editing? Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes at an esports tournament or streamed event?

In January 2019, NASEF is launching their Beyond the Game Challenges, where esports clubs across North America can tap into their talent apart from their competitive teams. Here, students with interests in the different sectors of the Esports Ecosystem can learn new skills, expand their knowledge, and gain real experience in potential future career opportunities!

Interested in participating? Be sure to activate your esports club

Upcoming Challenges

  • Design A Club Logo
  • Host a Tournament
  • Interview an Esports Professional
  • Produce a Highlights Video
  • Shoutcast a Game
  • Create Fan Artworks for Your Favorite Game

& more! 

Esports Ecosystem

Diagram Citation: Anderson, Tsaasan, Reitman, Lee, Wu, Steele, Turner & Steinkuehler (2018)