December 6, 2018 - Steven Isaacs: Engaging Student Gamers 

In this episode of the Game to Grow podcast, NASEF Commissioner Mark Deppe interviewed teacher and Minefaire producer Steven Isaacs.

As a long-time gamer himself, Steven first began using technology to personalize learning for his students. Today, Steven continues teaching while also producing Minecraft community events and experiences with Minefaire.

Steven describes his work with his middle school students and the support he is giving to local high school students. His middle school gaming club began as a casual community that is beginning to include more competitive interests.

This episode is a great listen for those looking to learn more about the opportunity and benefits of using students’ passion for games in the classroom spaces!

November 15, 2018 - COO Samantha Anton: Creating a Winning Environment

In our latest episode of the Game to Grow Podcast, NASEF Commissioner Mark Deppe interviewed NASEF's Chief Operating Officer Samantha Anton.

We learned how an idea of introducing scholastic esports in Orange County has spread nationwide. Samantha shares her vision for how NASEF is creating a winning environment for students, in and outside of the classroom.

She also describes some of the lessons that students are learning as a result of competition.

This is a must-listen for any educator or parent who may be skeptical about introducing esports to high school students! 

October 23, 2018

Game to Grow Podcast Host and NASEF Commissioner Mark Deppe walks the floor of the UCI Esports Conference to ask questions of some of the brightest minds in attendance.

Listen in on some great conversations regarding STEM education and esports, advice for high school students, and the roles that ANYONE can have within the esports ecosystem. 

October 9, 2018

In the inaugural episode of the NASEF Game to Grow Podcast, Commissioner Mark Deppe interviews Gerald Solomon the Executive Director for the Samueli Foundation.

Who would have thought that esports could be used as a learning platform?

At just before the 8 minute mark, you'll hear about how esports has been used to help students to become more engaged in school through their esports clubs.

At the 20 minute mark, you'll learn how STEM education and esports combine to make an exciting learning environment for our student participants.

Other subjects discussed in this comprehensive interview include what NASEF offers to its participating clubs, the free clinics and toolkits NASEF has created, as well as how competition has taught our participants some valuable life skills.