Introducing the Beyond the Game Challenges

Do you like graphic design, photography, or video editing? Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes at an esports tournament or streamed event?

In January 2019, NASEF is launching their Beyond the Game Challenges, where esports clubs across North America can tap into their talent apart from their competitive teams. Here, students with interests in the different sectors of the Esports Ecosystem can learn new skills, expand their knowledge, and gain real experience in potential future career opportunities!

Interested in participating? Be sure to activate your esports club

Guidelines and Details

BTG Challenges - Recommended Schedule

How It Works

In the NASEF Club Portal, you will find the complete list of Beyond the Game Challenges. With each month, we have highlighted our recommendation on which challenges our esports Clubs should focus on. At the end of the identified month, we will feature a handful from each category!

How To Get Featured

Using Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, tag NASEF in your Beyond the Game Challenges directly, or use the hashtag #esportsBTG!

Esports Ecosystem

Diagram Citation: Anderson, Tsaasan, Reitman, Lee, Wu, Steele, Turner & Steinkuehler (2018)

Earn a scholarship through our special Beyond the Game Challenges!

Ducks NHL 19 Beyond the Game Challenges are being hosted in conjunction with the Ducks NHL 19 High School Scholastic Tournament. NASEF and the Anaheim Ducks Foundation are offering all participating NASEF club members the opportunity to win prizes in scholarships of $1,000 for their own education after high school.

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Highs and Logos | Create Your Club's Logo!
Follow for Follow | Build Out Your Club's Social Media!
Surf's Up! | Design Your Club Website
Survey Says! | Learn About What Your Club Members Want

Leaving Your Mark(eting)! | Produce a Flyer For Your Club!
Let's Go NASEF! | Write A Chant for Your Esports Team
Say Cheese! | Document Memories with Your Club
Let's Talk Esports! | Host an Info Night for Parents and Teachers

Extra Extra! | Write About Your Club!
Adopt a Bot | Upgrade Your Discord Server
Standing In The Spotlight | Feature Your Executive Committee!
Ready To Learn! | Watch a NASEF Workshop with Your Club

Clip It! | Submit Video Clips of Your Club In Action
We're Going Live! | Stream a Club Event
Time To Party! | Host a Viewing Party
When I Grow Up | Interview an Esports Professional

Ready, Set, Draw! | Create Fan Art
Making Money Moves | Host a Fundraiser!
Let's Get Hype | Create a Club or Team Video
Create Your Own | Submit a Beyond the Game Challenge

All submissions will be reviewed by our BTG Judges Panel!

Select submissions will be eligible to receive mentorship sessions with industry professionals, promo, and NASEF swag!