We are very excited to introduce our mini-tournaments...

The NASEF Extra Credit Series


Are you ready to earn some Extra Credit? NASEF is hosting mini-tournaments throughout the season! Clubs may enter up to twenty teams in our Extra Credit series! This tournament is exclusive to Clubs who are activated through NASEF for the 2018-2019 academic year. Once activated, your general manager will be able to opt-in to the Fall Term tournament, receive additional information on how to develop a Club and support your team, and be in direct communication with our team for any additional support.

For all NASEF Extra Credit tournaments, students are permitted to play from home.

2019 Winter Extra Credit

Interested in playing in our Extra Credit tournaments in 2019? Here's the lineup!

Check out the Extra Credit: Rocket League page here.

Check out the Extra Credit: Fortnite page here.

Check out the Extra Credit: Smash Ultimate page here.

Extra Credit: League of Legends ARAM tournament page coming soon.


Visit the Extra Credit: Hearthstone page here!

Visit the Extra Credit: Fortnite page here!

Visit the Extra Credit: Overwatch 1v1 page here!

My club is already activated with NASEF!

If your Club is already activated, head to the General Manager Portal and indicate that your Club wishes to participate in the Extra Credit Tournaments! You can do this by heading to the "Tournament Opt-in" section and clicking "Manage".


My club is not activated with NASEF!

Not activated yet? Check out the links below to get started!

Want to know how to get started? Need more information on what Clubs receive after they activate? Check out our Clubs Season 2 page here!

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